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Personal Brand Launch for Grant LaViale

Grant LaViale - Leader, Mentor, Visionary, and Influencer.

Grant Laviale - I truly enjoy what I do and believe it's all about the people and leadership that separates us from my experience in both the Mortgage and Banking Industries.

It's important to have a "Positive" work culture and support structure in place, especially during difficult periods. I am committed to ensuring our clients and referral partners have only the experience and advice possible. Perhaps this is why we were the #2 Top Volume Non-Bank Lender in 2019.

Web Design

Confident Closers chose sophisticated colors and layouts that reflect both Grand LaViale's personality as well as what his brand stands for. We’ve also applied this branded color scheme to complete his website branding. The website layout was created specifically to be easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use, and with a straight-to-the-point menu.

The interactive website features lead capturing and storytelling through multimedia - making it elegant and sleek on the eyes and user-friendly.

We tell everyone this because it’s true: A website is crucial for a business, not only as a holding place for you to present all of your services information but also as a marketing tool ideal for search engine results, new business leads, and continued growth.

Logo Branding

A logo is the face of your brand, plain and simple. Your logo must speak a thousand words, represent what your brand does, and convey the company brand through a single image.

Logo design and branding is a unique process for each client. Some clients may have ideas on what they would like to see in their logo, while others may just leave it entirely up to the Confident Closers professionals to bring their logo to life.

A logo is one of the most powerful marketing tools and most used pieces of imagery within your branding design. Just think about all of the company brands that you yourself recognize just by their logos. There are so many recognizable ones!

Social Media Design

Social media is not just for fun. Social media is a vital part of business today and for the years ahead. It’s the perfect balance of showcasing what you’ve been doing or what you have planned for the future while also selling your concept/product/brand to your current followers/fans while simultaneously attracting new ones. The key to growth is through engagement, targeted, high-quality content, proper use of branded imagery, and strategic social media marketing.

Confident Closers has successfully implemented several tested methods into Grant LaViale's social media platforms, giving him brand opportunities for success.

Company Stationery Branding (Thank you note, Business card, Letterhead, Branded Folder, and Envelopes.)

Business Card Design

Folder Design

Letterhead Design

Envelope Design

Thank You Card Design

The collective full-scope branding of Grant LaViale is just a small piece of the puzzle of his Mortgage career, which is reflective through the most vital aspects, logo, style, content, and information, for maximum networking and growth.

Check Out Grant LaViale's Online Channels:

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